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Decoration inspiration for my tiny box bedroom

Friday, July 05, 2013

While I was at uni I was pretty lucky with my accommodation; in first year I lived in halls which had double beds, en suites and were much nicer and bigger than most uni's. Second year I moved into a 3 story house with 3 friends, the house itself was nice enough, especially for a student home... but was a short walk to town or the beach. My final year I ended up in possibly the nicest house I've lived in; my bedroom was what should have been a living room, so had not only a double bed, but a large sofa in too! The best thing about it was definitely the view though...

 The view from my window (please excuse the blurred Instagram filter!)

Since finishing uni I've moved back in with my mum and sister. And into the tiny box room. Needless to say its not the most homely at the moment; so I've been searching Pinterest for some decorating ideas that wont cost me a fortune!

I love how simple this corner is. The little embroideries add enough detail, but keep it personal and tranquil looking.

This all white room is stunningly bright and clean. The textures of the bedding and the burst of green from the plant make it feel lived in. As much I love this image, I'm far too messy to live in a completely white space!

The collection of small artworks and decorative objects on the wall make this fairly plain room seem a lot more personal and homely. The clash of colours and patterns between the bedding, walls and rugs is reassuring as it means you can mix and match new things with ones you already have, saving precious money!

I think the most realistic way for me to make it feel more like my home is through fabric and decoration. The search for affordable bedding, cushions and artwork starts...

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  1. Found your blog via Pinterest - you clearly have a great eye! Love the all-white room too...though I too would find it difficult to live in.

  2. Thank you!
    I've always admired people who can have white houses; where do they keep all their day-to-day tat?!

  3. Thank you for your comment!
    I have to say my current view isn't quite as spectacular; a rather tatty backyard/garden and lots of overgrown allotments.