A fresh start?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for such a long absence since I started this blog. To be totally honest, I've been feeling completely uninspired and lacking any creativity since moving home after finishing my degree. I think the pressures of time constraints and practicality within the designing overtook the natural  flow and process of being creative. It feels a bit like I've lost all my creativity, which, for someone who would have put themselves into that category rather than practical or academic is a bit confusing. Hopefully if I can have some self discipline I might be able to make this blog into something not only remotely readable, but something that can help me figure out what comes next personally, and career wise.

If anyone has any help on ways to keep motivated that would be very much appreciated! Anyway, onwards up upwards hopefully...

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  1. You're not alone - it's hard to keep motivated. I find that breaking big projects up into small, manageable tasks (and then assigning myself deadlines for each) helps quite a bit. It helps even more when I tell friends about these assignments & then I feel like I have to do it! Hope that you do build this blog into something - I continue to follow you on Pinterest, and I think that you have a fantastic eye! Best of luck! xo Trisha