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Sunday, December 22, 2013

I had originally wanted to post something seasonally festive, perhaps a selection of Christmas decorations I would have chosen, or how I like to decorate a tree, but as Christmas is a mere 2 days away I have very much missed that opportunity... However, decorations aside, another particular favourite part of Christmas to many is the opportunity for an alcoholic tipple, or two. This seems to begin around the end of November and carry on into the New Year.
Creating a little bar area is fairly easy, ours is tucked into the corner of our living room, in a glass front, wood cabinet which used to hold an old hi-fi system. Not the most glamorous, but it does it's job. Our "home bar" consists of many half drunk bottles of liqueur, and several bottles of Menorcan gin my mum bought back from her recent holiday to the island; we seem to have a difficult time in actually creating a selection as we've usually drunk one bottle before we've bought another which makes cocktail mixology a bit of a mission!

One particular style of home bar which seems to be making a massive reappearance is the 70's bar cart. Luckily it's had a bit of an update, though I have seen many which have kept the kitsch 70's feel to them! These are a couple of examples I found via Pinterest...

I think they work exceptionally well, they take up as little space as needed, can be tucked away when not needed and bought into the centre of a room to create a social party environment. I have found a couple of fantastic bar's for sale on Etsy;

While I'm not much of a fan of florals, the asian inspired flowers on the top of the Black Glass Cart are completely charming and would fit into both a modern or traditional setting. The Round Bar Cart is small enough to used even in the most compact of apartments, although depending on how many bottles you store on it you may need to keep your glasses elsewhere! I have to say the last 2 our my personal favourites. The golden brass of the rectangular angled bar is classic while still modern, and the Lucite cart would be such a statement piece if it was filled with brightly coloured glasses and barware.

Personally, I'd go for a festive array of gold accessories to make any drink into a bit of a party. I especially adore the Gold Leaf Cocktail Stirrers, I'd happily have them in a glass just for decoration in any room!

Now I'm off to pour myself a nice glass of baileys...

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  1. Such a cute idea I'd love something like one of those xx