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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I came across this image of Givenchy's Paris store in Faubourg Saint-Honore on Pinterest today and was instantly caught by the stunning counter, seemingly made from a block of gold.

I'm not a fan of minimalism as such, as it can be a little stark and cold especially in domestic environments, but this works so well as a high-end, super luxurious retail space. The bleached wood herringbone floor alongside simple white walls emulates classic Parisian style, while the seamless walls make it an ultra sleek background for what is inevitably the focal point of the space.
I personally love metallics in interior decorating, but it would be hard to fit a feature piece like this into even the largest of homes! I decided to have a look at other ways of incorporating a bit of gold into your home....

This first image has been a favourite inspirational image for a while, there's something so ridiculous about a gold kitchen, especially alongside white marbled walls and floors, but somehow it manages to look so simple, I almost want describe it as polished/luxe industrial?! It is actually the kitchen of  French decorator Jean-Louis Denio, he describes his home as "Neoclassicism with elements of futurism"; like his kitchen, it is full of muted colours, and metallic surfaces in every room... It's worth a look!
I'm definitely feeling a bit of a French/Parisian theme here. I think that the best way to use gold in your home is with a simple background; you can't go wrong with white walls and a wood floor. This dining room has such an elaborate gold sculpture, yet as it is paired with a rustic wood table and chair, and white wire seating it doesn't look overpowering. Instead it becomes a delicate feature in an otherwise blank canvas.

I loved this image, it is actually advertising the anchor print wallpaper but I feel like the golden, roll-topped, claw footed bath has completely stolen the show! This is such a one-of-a-kind piece, image people's' faces, visiting your home and seeing this in your bathroom. Against this simple print wall paper it's fun, unique and a bit quirky, almost like it had been stolen straight from Marie Antoinette's Palace.

While the other images have shown completely extravagant uses of gold, I liked this one due to its practicality and affordability. It is actually an Ikea VITTSJĂ– unit which has been sprayed gold using a metallic spray. This whole look is do-able in £75. This would work in any room, it just adds a bit of light and reflection instead of a dull black bookcase you have something that looks a lot more expensive. It's no gold slab counter, but it's probably around 1/100th of the price!

I'd love to know what people thought about gold interiors? It was only a few years ago anything gold was considered tacky and garish...

Image Credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 (Found via Pinterest)

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