Hillarys Blinds Country Craft Competition

Monday, March 24, 2014

For the past month of so, Hillarys Blinds have been running a competition featuring four of their newest fabric designs. The brief itself was pretty basic, make something using a 100x100cm piece of fabric, blog about it, and have the chance to win £1000. I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a go!

Out of the four patterns available I preferred the "Blue Teal Parade" and "Patina Pewter", and after some deliberation decided to go for the more colourful and feminine peacock print to take me out of my monochrome comfort zone.
I used my fabric to create a fabric covered memo/note board for my room as somewhere to tuck away all my lose tickets and bits & pieces while adding a bit of decoration to my still unpainted walls.

To create my memo board I used:
  • My 100x100cm piece of fabric
  • A3 foam board 
  • Sheet wadding
  • A Stapler
  • Ribbon
  • A handful of Embellishment Split Pins 
I stated off by cutting 2 rectangles from the wadding sheets; one the same size as my piece of foam board, and one several inches larger. I placed the two bits on the board, with the larger one on top, and folded the extra padding onto the back then stapled it into place so it was tight to the board. I trimmed off the excess on the corners so it would lie flat against the wall after. 

I then cut the fabric so it was a couple of inches larger than the wadding covered board and pulled it tightly around and stapled it at the back. I actually had to switch to an upholstery stapler at this point, because my little green one wasn't strong enough & the staples kept falling out!
I found a thin blue ribbon that went nicely with the colours of the fabric and laid out a diamond pattern, taped them in place, then stapled the ends to the back, pulling it tightly to create a quilted effect and enough tension to hold photos/paper in. I added an extra loop of ribbon on the top back to hang the piece with.
To add a little extra detail I used embellished Jewel split pins, which I pushed through where the ribbons crossed. I actually had planned to use some matching handmade buttons, but I felt the jewels looked better.

The finished piece:

The best thing about this project, aside from now having something pretty to cover my plain walls, is that I still have some extra fabric left over to make something else with.... More buttons perhaps?

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