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Interior Design Trend: Copper

Friday, April 11, 2014

Copper accents aren't exactly a new design trend, it made a massive impact in 2013, but is still as popular a year later. Copper, or even rose gold, makes such a brilliant alternative to brass, yellow gold, or steel as it creates such a unique array of colours when it wears slightly, or when light reflects off polished, smooth surfaces. The internal shades of pinks, oranges and greens add a depth that many household metallics just don't have.

These two images show copper being used in pretty unusual ways; a kitchen and a staircase. I imagine these would be pretty expensive to get custom made, however they both create quite a statement.
Copper tends to change colour from the polished pink to a rust, then eventually green fairly quickly when it's exposed to water, so using pre-aged copper gives it an instantly lived in feeling, that will only evolve over time.

My personal favourite way to use copper accents at home are through lighting, as it creates a soft, warm glow. these images show copper accent lights in both an a minimal/sleek interior, and a Scandinavian/eclectic room. I feel the large light actually stands out more against the mismatch of patterns and textures in the second image. Combining smooth metallics with tactile fabrics makes any interior feel a lot more cosy and expensive. 

Copper Accents 

Copper is such a huge trend at the moment, it was difficult to narrow it down to a few objects to show you. I couldn't have a copper shopping list without mentioning Tom Dixon, who is known for his metallic lighting and home accessories. I included the classic Coppershade Pendant, a massive round statement light, which I believe is probably the same as in the room image above. Dixon also creates some smaller items like this delicately perforated Candle Holder in a rosier shade of copper, and the Hex "Salade" bowl with a rustic hammered texture.
Two other light fixtures I found where this Plumen Copper drop light & the Aerial Copper Metal Ceiling Light. Changing a regular white light fixture for a copper one and a Plumen light bulb would make such a difference to any room instantly. I especially like them arranged in a set of 3 or 4, in kitchens above a counter or island top, they look effortless but industrial.
These Copper Mosaic Tiles are a complete show stopping piece, although they would need to be paired with a fairly clean and minimal room to not look too over-the-top. I'd probably use them with large grey slate tiles in a bathroom to add a shot of colour and contrast.
I think this Vintage Finish lantern would look amazing in front of a fireplace, with a leafy green plant inside during summer, and a large scented candle in the colder months. You could also pop the Pols Potten Dot Stool nearby, or use it as an alternative side table. The Ferm Living Copper Pencil Holder is almost a piece of usable art, especially as it's not cheap. However I'm sure you could easily DIY a cheaper version either using copper pipe, or using metallic spray paint on an affordable desk tidy.
To add a bit of softer metallic texture I found this dusty grey cushion with a Copper foil effect. The organic canvas fabric means it'll be durable enough for everyday use on your sofa.
My favourite copper piece I found has to be this set of Copper Storage Cases! I've never seen anything like them before, they are actually smaller than I'd initially thought, the largest measures 46cm x 22cm x 14cm, so you could use them on a dressing table, or shelves to add extra handy storage.

Let me know if you've seen any other Copper accessories, or if you've incorporated any into your home!

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