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Interior Inspiration: Indoor Garden

Sunday, May 11, 2014


One quick way to add a sense of life and movement into any room is by adding a couple of plants. As well as adding an extra flash of colour, plants can help purify the air inside your home or just add a natural fragrance. As someone with a family of hay fever suffers, flowers and bouquets often trigger sneezing fits, so finding bloom-less foliage are a great alternative that also require a lot less effort and cost. While even the best kept flowers might only last a week or two, with fresh water daily and regular stem trims and constantly picking up the dead buds, choosing the right plant means all you have to do is remember to give it the occasional water!

Some of the best house plants include; aloe vera, spider plants, snake plants, golden pothos, english ivy, bamboo & bamboo palm, rubber trees & peace lilies.If you're really not much of a green thumb, then there are some brilliant faux plants around that create the illusion without the hassle. Abigail Ahern stocks some incredibly convincing fake flowers and plants that will convince even the keenest gardener. 

The best way to use plants to create a real impact is pop them in unexpected place; large trees and shrubs inside will always catch your eye and varying sizes add extra texture and depth into even the plainest corners. These images all have fairly plain, undecorated interiors, but by adding a selection of lush green foliage the unpolished elements all tie together in a natural way, and create a calming environment. My particular favourite is the office/desk area in image 4; the natural materials next to the polish of the glass table top and metallic plant pot make it seem like an inspiring place to get work done. 

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