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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

First off, I have to admit that totally white interiors scare me. I'm the sort of person who can't wear white clothes without spilling something on myself within a matter of minutes, so the thought of having a house that has the potential to show every speck of dust and dirt is insane. Having white interiors is really a way of life more than a design choice; replacing wood or coloured furniture with paler alternatives, placing day to day clutter out of sight, being more selective on decorative items bought and displayed, and of course, being more thorough with cleaning!
That said, the pay off is often something beautiful. Natural light reflects so much better, and it creates a soothing, blank canvas to live in.

I found a few items to give you a start in creating your perfect white interior...

Rockett St George is one of my favourite online shops, they stock so many unique and quirky items, alongside some design classics. This white wire chair is a classic that would look brilliant outside in the garden, or at a chunkier dining table with a couple of cushions or even a sheepskin throw during the winter. 
As someone who dreams of having a library at home, this wallpaper is a first step. The white colour means it will be easier to place against your own actual books and bookcases without clashing designs but still create a cool effect. 
The last Rockett St George item is this delicate lace cut out effect bin, which would fit neatly into most bedrooms. As having lots of white can look quite flat and cold, I find using a variety texture, patterns and shapes helps create definition and intrigue to make a space feel more personal and homely. 

My favourite items of the bunch are the Pineapple Tableware Set, it's just so unusual and kitsch but because of the lack of colour you it requires a double-take to see just what it is - fantastic for parties and entertaining; the Openwork Stool, this actually comes in various sizes meaning it can be used as a stool or side table, though I wouldn't want to cover that stunning ornate wood work... and the White Folding Table, which to me seems the perfect breakfast in bed side table! Or a beautiful place to store your best jewellery and perfumes or perhaps your favourite beverage bottles and a couple of glasses as a tidy drinks bar.

I'd love to know anyone's tips for living in and maintaining a white interior - I bet you don't have a messy pet that sheds enough fur to make a coat from on a daily basis... Or perhaps you've seen another amazing white item that you've added to your shopping list (real or fantasy!).

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