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Friday, July 11, 2014

Gardens can be a difficult spaces to design, decorate or even use. Here in the UK we're lucky if we get a couple of weeks each year when they weather is nice enough to make the most of being outside. I don't know about anyone else, but ours definitely gets a bit neglected over the colder months, so by the time summer does come around it's not the most appealing place to enjoy the sun; it's hard to imagine you're relax when you're sat next to the recycling or the rusty barbecue!

One way to quickly make a massive difference to any space is by changing the lighting, and this rule can apply to the outside too. Even if you rarely sit out in the evening, having a garden with subtle lighting illuminating pathways, creating intriguing shapes and shadows from plants or even making a cosy bistro patio area might encourage you to do so... and if not, you'll have something to gaze out on while enjoying being inside! 

These two images show how simple it is to create a cosy space outside without effort. Simply wrap fairy lights around branches or pergola beams, hang lanterns from trees or fences, pop candle holders on the table and you've instantly made a space worth spending time in with no major landscaping or gardening needed!
I found a selection of different light styles that could suit any garden, from the traditional English rose garden to a tiny roof terrace...

The Puzzle Wall Light is a more modern, simple take on the ever popular lantern lights, it would look brilliant on a modern patio, or even mounted behind some lush, leafy trees or tall grasses. This amazing Green Square Seat Light is something entirely unexpected that could also make a hell of a statement side table inside as well as in the garden. The Winchester Outdoor Light & Black Moroccan Lanterns are both beautifully detailed and would make a lovely focal point. The Winchester would look brilliant on the wall amongst ivy or climbing roses. You can never go wrong with fairy lights in any room, and the garden is no exception; wrap them around posts, trees or hang them along fences and walls, they add a magical sparkle to any space. I really liked the simple, over-sized bulbs and black string of the Bistro Set as they feel more modern than others. Finally, the St Ives Light would look brilliant in both ultra modern, architecturally landscaped spaces as well as busy, plant heavy, overgrown gardens as the steel would contrast brilliantly with the greenery.

My next post will be looking at garden furniture, so if anyone has any more unconventional pieces or ideas I'd love to hear them!

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